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Dom's review of Queen's Lane Coffee House, May 2003:

As an undergraduate at Magdalen College I found this place indispensible as a purveyor of cooked breakfasts. They have a variety of different breakfasts right up to the £6 Jumbo breakfast (something one is recommended to consume no more than once every six months). The place was also full of character and I enjoyed the communal aspect of eating there (as you quite often had to share a long table in the middle of the shop). However, as mentioned in the main writeup, sometime in the last 9 months, they have doubled the size of the café, refurbished it, and generally removed any character it once had. The breakfasts are worse (mushrooms hardly cooked, toast doing a good impression of stale bread) and their standard coffee comes in smaller trendy glass mugs, and is a poor Americano rather than the previous filter coffee.

I'm disappointed to not be able to recommend this place any more; for a fry-up, try the St. Giles' Cafe instead.

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