• 10 Park End Street
  • OX1 1HH

Eat As Much As You Like is a Chinese buffet restaurant. Cost is £10.50 in the evenings. They charge less at lunchtime.

Food is good, but not fantastic. The range is reasonable, however they tend to concentrate on battered / fried stuff with only a couple of sauce-oriented dishes. Still, the hot and sour soup is among the best I've ever tasted, and there's as much crispy aromatic duck as you want (not at lunch), complete with vegetables, pancakes and sauce. The other food highlight was the five-spice bread, made with a thick dough. There are a number of sweet items for when you finish with your meal, including lots of fruit salad.

The food can get a bit dry since it's left in hot trays for long periods of time, but I suspect that there's nothing that can be done about that; it might be better at busier times. Speaking of which, there is plenty of seating, but I suspect that when it's busy you may have to queue to get to the food.

Most drinks are on the expensive side, but you can get a pint of Boddingtons or lager for £2.60. The Boddingtons was a bit watery, but I suspect that's just what Boddingtons tastes like anyway.

On the whole, EAMAYL is well worth a visit if you want good value, good quality food.

The soups are indeed gorgeous, but on my luncthime visit the food was decidedly lucklustre. The basic problem was that it all tasted the same, and that was primarily MSG coloured pink. The service was good and the drinks not too overpriced, but the lack of any decent flavour would stop me going again.

My partner and I went to EAMAYL Oxford yesterday evening (24/04/10). I am writing because I feel you need to know just how terrible it was. We were in Oxford for only that one night, and were looking forward to eating a nice meal after a great day in the city. We arrived at Eamayl about 7.10pm, were taken to a table for two and asked if we wanted any drinks. We ordered a pint of lager and a Vodka and Orange juice. The waitress looked blankly at me when I asked for the vodka & orange, took a couple of attempts for her to get what it was. We were then told to help ourselves to the food. We were looking forward to trying the Tom Yum Soup, although when we tasted it, it seemed to be hot water with tomato cup-a-soup, and a few nasty bits of soggy onion. It tasted dreadful, so we left that after a couple of mouthfuls to find a main meal, which wasnt ANY better. I tried a small spoonful of most of the available choices and they were AWFUL! The crispy fried pork moved two of my teeth as it had been sat there so long. The battered chicken balls were also definitely not fresh. The vegetarian option was by far the worst. The tofu/ meat alternative had been sat in the dish for so long it had turned to rubber. Other disgusting parts of the meal were: the packet bought and defrosted Spring rolls, ribs (yuck!) and Prawn toast..... I could go on... and I will. The desserts offered were also very poor. After leaving nearly all of our food, we decided that you CANT go wrong with chocolate cake, but I was so wrong. It was dry and stale. The lady came to collect our plates and asked if the meals were okay. I was honest and said no. I explained that it wasnt her fault, but nonetheless we were not offered anyone else to speak to regarding this matter. We were then given the bill, which I was amazed at! I was embarrassed that I had to explain why the food was so bad, so we PAID our £28.85 and left. We then went to a clean, friendly Wagamama restaurant for a delicious meal, only £2 more expensive than Eamayl but the difference in quality was worlds apart!

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