Georginas Coffee Shop

  • Avenue 3, Covered Market

Georginas is a hidden gem of the covered market. It is above Brothers, so if you're not paying attention you'll never notice their door! (It's just between Brothers and the Covered Arts And Framing Services)

It is a friendly place, with nice coffee and cakes.

Georgina's is a true coffee bar, unlike the majority of chain coffee bars. The 'coffee bar' came to Britain in the 1950s (as distinct from the 'coffee houses' developed during C16th), introducing espresso and cappuccino to the youth of the day, and it was from them that British music was formed. Georgina's has the bohemian feel and decor of the fifties and sixties, the walls and ceiling covered with posters and the tables old and battered.

This is the only coffee bar in Oxford that any self respecting beatnik would be seen in.

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