Kake's review of Liaison, March 2012:

A cold dish of pork hock with jellyfish (£4.80) photo was good, with nicely tender pork and a pleasing sesame oil flavour to the jellyfish; it was a pretty good-sized portion for the price, too.

Unfortunately, most of the steamed dumplings we ordered were overcooked. This was most obvious in the disintegrating wrappers of the har gow, though the prawns inside were fairly tough as well. Steamed scallop dumplings with pea shoots had more robust wrappers which held up better, but again the scallops were overcooked; the tasty pea shoots made up for this to some extent, though.

Shanghai-style steamed pork dumplings were described in Chinese as 上海小籠包 (Shanghai xiao long bao), and hence should have contained a small quantity of hot soup as well as the minced pork filling; sadly, they didn't.

Grilled dumplings (£3.30) were much better, and possibly the best thing we ordered (though neck-and-neck with the pork with jellyfish); hot and fresh, not greasy, and with a nice crust on the bottom.

King prawn cheung fun (£4.10) had reasonable wrappers, though not as silky as the best I've tried, and the prawns inside were again overcooked.

Chicken feet in black bean sauce (£3.30) photo were fine; the sauce was a little gloopy, but this isn't a major issue in this dish.

Steamed beancurd rolls with oyster sauce (£3.30) photo had a good flavour, and varied texture too with the vegetable filling contrasting with the soft beancurd skin wrapper.

The turnip paste we ordered never arrived, though I didn't realise this until later and am not sure whether or not it appeared on the bill.

We paid £14/head in our lunch party of six, including a 10% tip, for plenty of food and a few soft drinks.

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