Mices (Gloucester Green)

  • 726009
  • 726413
  • Monday - Saturday 9am - 11pm; Sunday 10am - 11pm

This is the second, and by far the largest (48 stations) of the two Mices internet cafes in Oxford, slap bang between the bus station and the market square. This is generally the gamers choice, as all of the machines here (bar one) have Counterstrike, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and Gunbound Loaded as standard. The noise inside the shop can get a litle overpowering if you are in around 5 o'clock or thereabouts. The coffee has got better in recent months and the range of snacky stuff is okay for a few hours, but there is a newsagents right next door, and the mighty kebab kid at the top of the square, if you need something more substantial. Faxes can be received here, but the service of copy typing is no longer offered. Only ONE machine in this store has Word, so if you are wanting to edit some docs, then Mices (High Street) is the way to go.

This shop has been shut for the past 3 years thank god.

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