Mongolian Wok

  • 202888 or 792919.
  • 6-9 Hythe Bridge Street

Buffet Chinese, idea being, you take a bowl, go up to the ingredient counter, either follow a recipe or not and fill your bowl up with bits and pieces, take it to the large gas wok and wait while it's cooked for you.

Some people say that it is not a bad idea, but nowhere near cheap enough to justify it. Other people probably eat more heartily, and think that all you can eat in the evening for 12 quid/head is actually oh if you havent eaten all day. Probably best to avoid lunchtime when they charge by the bowl though.

oh, and if you're not a fan of really bad karaoke "singing" it might be worth just avoiding the place after 10pm, and it's just a little too close to Cafe Orient to make me want to go in. Additionally, you'd be ill-advised to have a bit of a wander around if you go to the toilets - there's a somewhat hidden entrance to what, for all intents and purposes, looks like an eastern 'hostess bar', complete with many little rooms that lead off from a main, large, disco-lit room, with beds in them, and giggling east-Asian girls wearing not a great deal...

From 2nd June 2004, Mongolian Wok is in new premises at Sojos (or Jojos, the sign was badly written) on Hythe Bridge Street. This entry hence needs updating, though the main concept of the Wok should remain the same.

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