Oxford Story

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Dire tourist attraction. Ex-girlfriend (after not speaking to me for a couple of hours) remarked that me taking her there (she was visiting from lands afar) made up for the fact that she took me to a zoo in Stockholm where we saw no animals. At all. Not even pigeons.

The 'attraction' starts off with a little bit of video 'highlighting' student life in Oxford in the form of some exceptionally prim and weird (probably a Biology student at St. Hilda's College) student writing home to her parents. After 20 minutes of enduring that, you're led through some doors onto a rickety little 'car', which proceeds at a 45' angle (creaking all the way) up the first part of the ride, talking about the history of Oxford. You then repeat the same thing on the way down. And then they filter you through the gift shop.

Avoid at all costs. The relationship was never the same afterwards.

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