PBI stands for Polish Breeze Index - similar to the Big Mac Index.

A Polish Breeze consists of:

  • 1.5 shots of Vodka (used to use Zubrowka, hence the 'Polish' part of the name - but you can't taste the vodka anyway, so go for something cheaper)
  • .5 shot of Peach Schnapps (Archers works well here)
  • .5 shot of Syrop de Grenadine
  • .5 shot of Blue Curaco
  • Shaken with ice, then poured into a 16oz glass and topped up with coke

(It tastes a little like Calpol - it's really nice, really potent)

The interesting things about it are:

  • It's a custom cocktail. You'll have to ask for it specially (although most bartenders will be obliging)
  • It's got 2.5 shots of alcohol in. This will often make it more expensive than a standard cocktail might be (often, cocktails have 50ml of alcohol in - 2.5 shots is 62.5ml).

It's a good measure of how much the bar is stinging you for cash - two PBIs, for example, are:

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