Photo Policy

A good way to contribute photos to the guide is to add to our flickr group. Photos added there are likely to be added to pages here by the wiki gnomes.

Another way to contribute a photo (for now, please only your original photos that you can contribute under the terms of the Licensing Policy!) is to leave a note in guide entries detailing where we can download the images you've taken. The images should be cropped and rotated, but not rescaled - ie please provide the highest quality images you can. JPEGs or PNGs are appropriate here.

Once we have downloaded the photos we will rescale them for inclusion into the guide and remove your note.

In future we hope to have more of a self-service way of doing this, but for the time being we need to add to the software, so bear with us! If you have the luxury of an urchin account, you can upload photos into

(but again, let us know by emailing

The files should be named NodeName_nn.jpg.

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