Pie Minister

  • 56-58, The Covered Market (Avenue 2)
  • OX1 3DX

A pie shop. It sells pies. Hot pies for eating in or takeaway and chilled pies for heating up later. They also serve gravy, mash and peas.

The meat and eggs used in the pies are all free-range, and the ingredients are locally sourced (although as the pies are made in Bristol the ingredients are local to Bristol not Oxford, obviously).

The mash is confusingly on the menu as PM Mash (as in PieMinister), but if you ask for it like that it sounds like "Pea and Mash", a cunning ploy to sell more peas. But only an idiot like me would fall for it. And 50p for gravy!?!?! BARGAIN!! IT'S DELICIOUS!!

The student special is extremely good value (£4.95 for pie, mash, peas and gravy).

Oxford, my friends, has entered a new era of Pie love.

OS X co-ord: 451385     OS Y co-ord: 206240     (Latitude: 51.752039 Longitude: -1.255528)
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