Purple Turtle

  • 794494
  • Frewin Court
  • OX1 2BY
  • 12am - 2pm Mon-Sat, 5pm-late Sun

Free for members of the Oxford Union, and also Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh and Yale Student Unions (yes, really) the Purtle is small, cramped and slightly on the cheesy side. The Purtle is in what was the coal cellar of the Oxford Union, an idea born from the mind of Michael Hestletine's. Oh dear. They do serve Budvar, which even at the disgusting price of £2.80 a bottle is very nice. The door staff seem to have a bad reputation at the moment but I've never had any complaints.

Their website is awful.

Now I'm going to bed. I'm too tired to write any more. Really.

Pete writes: For those of you interested in hitting on the half Swedish half French barmaid who works there, may I suggest:

Små grodorna, (Smor grode-ah-ner) små grodorna, är lustige at se! (Ar lustiga at seer) Ej öron, (Eh ear-on) ej öron, ej svanser hava de! (Eh svanser hav-ah-dear)

Although she claimed not to speak Swedish last time I spoke to her...

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