Quake Factor

Many Oxford streets or colleges are made up of narrow, twisty passageways flanked by high stone walls. Sometimes this can be enough to make the poor paranoid computer gamer feel that someone or something is about to round the next corner carrying a loaded bazooka.

The passageway between the Bridge of Sighs and High Street ([New College Lane]?, becoming [Queen's Lane]?) has the highest Quake Factor in Oxford. James disagrees, insisting that the passageways to and from the Turf Tavern (just off [New College Lane]? in fact) and that one behind St. Peter's College have higher Quake Factors. The Balliol Jowett walk accomodation has some impressive raised walkways, that are not quite Quake, but more Star Wars in nature.

Surprisingly, despite the number of locations with a reasonably high Quake Factor, only St. John's College has been turned into an FPS level.

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