Saïd Business School

The University's business school is a monumental folly financed through somewhat morally questionable enterprises (though producing an impressive building using this money is surely better than reinvesting it into the business). As befits a centre for learning about business management and economy, it has a ziggurat, a tremendously practical outdoor amphitheatre for lectures, and more computing kit than the entire University needs. (And, naturally, nobody who knows how to operate it.)

There is a second site at Egrove Park, formerly Templeton College.

It's generally a bad idea to refer to this as the "Saïd Arms School" within earshot of whose who work there, but that's what everyone calls it nonetheless.

OS X co-ord: 450750     OS Y co-ord: 206250     (Latitude: 51.752187 Longitude: -1.264726)
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