Socks/Reviews/Big Bang (Walton Street)

Socks' review of Big Bang, February 2007:

Simply put, a restaurant that specialises in "Bangers and Mash".

Most of the items on the menu are sausages served with mashed potato and gravy, but there are many varieties of sausage (including one vegetarian) and a couple of variations on the mash available. For those who don't like sausages, there seem to always be a couple of pies on the specials board and for those who don't like mashed potato, chips can be substituted. Prices ranged from £5 to £10, with the cheapest being a special for OAPs and students.

The sausages (supplied by David John Butchers) were well cooked, with just the right amount of crispiness on the skins. Single variety dishes seem to come with just 2 sausages, but there is a menu item of "trio" where you can select your own combination of 3 varieties. The "rose mash" is actually vivid pink, and I could detect fragrances of both red cabbage and beetroot in it.

We were one of three groups on the Sunday lunchtime when we went in, and the proprietor was very attentive; we also got a visit from the chef afterwards asking if we had enjoyed the food.

Beer is bottled Hook Norton Ales although of course at restaurant, rather than pub, prices.

Not quite the atmosphere or value-for money of the Bookbinders in the days before Greene King, but an excellent theme restaurant for Oxford's sausage lovers.

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