Socks/Reviews/Hobgoblin (St. Aldate's)

Socks' review of Hobgoblin (St. Aldate's), June 2004:

Although the Wychwood brand of Hobgoblin pubs is farly studenty and does student offers and discounts, the St. Aldate's branch is the dark sheep of the family. The clientele from its previous incarnation as "the Bulldog" are still there, so the mixture of Town and Gown is quite refreshing. At busy times it can be quite hard getting a table, but everyone is usually quite jovial about this problem.

An excellent range of real ales is kept very well in this pub, including frequently changing guest ales and, normally, the Wychwood Mild. Of course, the student branding means there are also flavoured vodkas and other drinks available for those with a sweeter tooth.

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