Ted's review of Hassan's, August 2005:

Hassans is quite clearly the finest kebab van in Oxford. Quality chips, tasty salmonella-free chicken, and a fine selection of sauces and fresh salads combine with friendly and accommodating staff to provide the ultimate kebab-van experience.

The excellence of this Broad Street institution has been driven home to me in the past year, since I moved down Abingdon Road and was exposed to the Scylla and Charybdis horrors of Sid's and McCoy's. Sid's can be recommended solely on the grounds that he actually sells those bright yellow Sid's sweatshirts, and McCoy's cannot be recommended at all, unless what floats your boat is being served unpleasant greasy food by unpleasant greasy people, while looking at Christ Church. I don't even think they're really Irish.

I would also venture to suggest that Steve is the best individual purveyor of post-Park End cuisine in the city, and possibly in the world (Hassan himself is a close second). He even knows my personal favourite sauce combo, a fact which I don't know whether to regard as irrefutable proof of his superlative professionalism or a worrying indictment of my dietary habits. Incidentally, the mix is 2 parts Burger Sauce, 2 parts BBQ, and 1 part Chilli, and comes highly recommended. Enjoy!

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