Trout Inn

  • 302071
  • 195 Godstow Road, Godstow, nr Wolvercote
  • OX2 8PN

This pub is mainly aimed at dining, although if you are in the area on a nice day it is perhaps worth stopping for a drink to sit by the river (it has lots of tables alongside the Thames or Isis).

In Spring 2007 the owners, national pub-operating company Mitchells and Butler, revamped the Trout as a pricey gastro-pub. It has "contemporary" internal décor and bizarre rules such as not allowing customers to wear hats - even outside by the river. Now trying to remake itself as a gourmet restaurant with rich clientèle, which is a bit daft as people have always gone there primarily to sit by the river and drink. I think they always will.

We had a meal there in May 2008, having previously eaten there quite a long time ago. It was very disappointing. Expensive, food of poor to average quality and poor value, staff who didn't know the menu or the drinks and weren't too interested in finding out what the unknown items were. I'd advise only having a drink outside by the river as it's still a beautiful setting. It's a real shame because it used to be a good eating and drinking pub. --Ellis 2008-06-18

We went to the Trout over a year after the person above posted. We found the food to be EXCELLENT, the waitstaff very good, and the food good value for the money. I think they must have gotten their act together in the intervening months, since the last posting. The dining atmosphere also excellent. I know this beloved pub is not really all that pub-like any more... but imho this is a very good hybrid. --Gail 2009-07-19

OS X co-ord: 448434     OS Y co-ord: 209275     (Latitude: 51.779591 Longitude: -1.297856)
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