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  • Brewery: Bass


Bass £2.50 (as of October 1999), London Pride £2.90 (December 2008).


Gordon Woods writes: Think Cock and Camel and double it. Loud, large, expensive, and smart-looking. The only real ales are London Pride and Bass, both sparklered by default. An extensive menu, and CCTV cameras in the toilets. (10.x.1999)

Colin writes: It's true. Quite cavernous and echoey with piped music, all stripped pine. Shelf upon shelf of bottles of wine behind the bar stretching up to the rather high ceiling. Board games and newspapers. And prices you would not believe. (12.x.1999)

James: However, I recommend you ignore these reviews. The decor is loud, large and expensive, but it's very nicely done. The food is great and, more importantly for fans of Czech Lager, Bass now owns the Staropramen brewery and All Bar One, just mind the price. If you're only after Staropramen, and you're under 21 you might want to head to Chequers.

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