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The Tree Hotel is situated in the tranquil village of Iffley, only two miles from the City Centre and just a two minute stroll from the river Isis and the famous Iffley Lock, and a pleasant half-hour riverside walk takes you into to the city centre of Oxford itself, with its famous colleges and dreaming spires.

The animated, atmospheric Annora Restaurant takes its name from the area's most famous local resident - a twelfth-century nobleman's daughter. It offers a wide-ranging menu that spans everything from well-tried English and European dishes to exotic specialities from India and Thailand.

On the home front, you might find classic prawn cocktail, braised lamb shank with basil mash and salmon Caesar salad; alternatively, spice things up with chicken satay, Goan prawn curry or ped phad prik (stir-fried duck with chilli and celery). There are also salads, Indian breads and rice dishes, although desserts move back into the comforting realms of apple crumble and crème brûlée. Sunday lunch is a popular family carvery with – of course – some oriental additions.

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