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Re-opened as the [[Crooked Pot]].
<b>July 2009</b>: [ To reopen as the Crooked Pot 'by the end of the summer'].
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July 2009: To reopen as the Crooked Pot 'by the end of the summer'.

This is a fairly standard Greene King pub with curiosities on the walls and ceilings; it has a decently priced food menu(5.75 for fish and chips/ 9.95 for a 10oz rib-eye steak) and was a little quiet on a Friday lunchtime.

A friendly atmosphere greeted us on our arrival, but sadly it also has a big screen TV that threatens to show big sporting events on it.

En-suite accommodation is available at a reasonable price (60 for a twin room) including an evening meal, which is handy because of its close proximity to the city centre.

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