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category='Baby Changing,Baby feeding rooms,Health Care,Pharmacists,Photo Booths,Sandwich Shops,Shops'
category='Baby changing facilities,Baby feeding rooms,Health Care,Pharmacists,Photo Booths,Sandwich Shops,Shops'
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summary='Big chain chemist on Cornmarket'

"The UK's leading retailer of health and beauty products", this branch of Boots includes a pharmacist. They also sell cameras, film, batteries and so on. And lunch.

Ah yes, lunch. A decent range of pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, soups etc as well as crisps, sweets and drinks. The Boots "Meal Deal" basically bundles your choice of main course (sandwich, wrap or salad), drink and crisps/chocolate/cake for 2.99. They seem to change the pricing structure semi-regularly (about once a year, maybe).

There is a room provided on the first floor for baby changing and feeding. It is much nicer than the equivalent in Debenhams and also has a toilet.

Has a photo booth (as does the branch on Cowley Road).

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