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There are five Park and Ride places in Oxford, at:

Details of the car parks may be found Oxfordshire County Council info on Park and Ride.

The principle of Park and Ride schemes is simple - you park your car for free, pay for a return ticket into town, and get the bus in. This saves you the hassle of having to find (and pay for) town centre parking and means you get to ride down the bus lane in rush hour (certainly this can make a huge difference on Banbury and Woodstock Roads).

Of course, if you're going somewhere that isn't near the town centre you'll need to change buses anyway, which might be more hassle, and it's less convenient for shopping if you anticipate carrying large or bulky items, but it's perfectly usable for many visitors to Oxford. It's also worth noting the last bus back is around 11pm, Mon-Sat (actual time depends on which Park and Ride) but on Sundays it's closer to 7pm. In some cases it's worth using alternative local bus routes which stop at or near the Park and Ride stations.

Current fare and timetable information is available from the website.

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