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CURRENT Exhibitions:
CURRENT Exhibition:
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Also now on view:

'The Florentine Innocenti: Vincenzo Borghini and the artists of the Foundling Hospital in Florence' on view until 24 February 2014.

Christ Church is unique among the Oxford and Cambridge colleges in possessing an important collection of Old Master paintings and drawings, housed in a purpose-built Gallery of considerable architectural interest in itself. The collection consists of some 300 paintings and almost 2000 drawings and is strongest in Italian art from the 14th to the 18th century.

The internationally renowned drawings collection in the Picture Gallery at Christ Church is regarded as one of the most important private collections of Old Master drawings in the country. These small in-house exhibitions are changed about every three months to enable the public to see a varied selection from this part of the collection.

CURRENT Exhibition:

'Beauty, Grace and Power', the horse in drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque. 2 October - 23 December 2013. No other animal has inspired the creative mind of man as much as the horse. Evidence of this can be found in the artistic output of the numerous civilisations and cultures in which it has appeared since prehistoric times. Stone Age cave drawings, Iron Age hill figures, Assyrian reliefs, Greek bronzes, and Chinese terracotta statues contribute visually to our understanding of the relationship between man and horse. Ever since its domestication over 6,000 years ago the horse has influenced the course of human history, being a fundamental component of travel, agriculture, war, sport and social aspiration. The significance of this partnership is at the heart of the horse’s place in art. From the first recorded drawings through to the present day it remains the most frequently depicted animal.

This selection of nine Old Master drawings from the Christ Church collection show how sixteenth and seventeenth century artists studied and portrayed the horse.

Admission: £3/£2. Free to those who have Bod cards and Art Fund members.

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