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category='Coffee Shops,Free Wifi,Internet Access,Student discount,Wifi'
category='Coffee Shops,Free Wifi,Student discount,Wifi'

A smallish coffee shop opposite Fopp. They sell Fairtrade coffee, some of which is organic. All coffee has a double shot and soya milk is available. Nice interior, with sofas, regular chairs and, uh, high chairs. The coffee is good; foodwise, the cakes are really good, the sandwiches vary and they also do cooked food. The staff are friendly and efficient, and they bring coffee to your table, which is nice.

They have free WiFi, but you need to ask what the password is. Also, they give a 10% discount if you wave a student card at them.

They play a wide range of music in the background and have recently had live acts playing

Issues Whilst they have a muted big screen TV showing news 24, some people find it distracting. Some people also object to them having the lyrics to Green Day's Good Riddance on their wall.

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