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It's been around for ages. I'm sure it used to be linked from the recentchanges page but maybe it got lost after a template change.


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Should new Comments be added to the top or the bottom of this page? - PerfDave

An RSS feed of the "recent edits" page would be handy, to allow people to track changes to the Guide through their RSS reader of choice. - PerfDave

Should Colleges be in Category The University? --Dom

The whole Coffee Shops, Café is bugging me now. I can't think of a Café that doesn't serve coffee nor of a Coffee Shop that doesn't serve some form of food. It appears that if something belongs in one category it just as easily belongs in the other. I think it makes it confusing to navigate through the categories and actually see every node of interest. -- James

For me, a Coffee Shop is somewhere I'd go for coffee (though I may have food with it), and a Cafe is somewhere I'd go for food (though I may have coffee with it) or a sit in the sun with a book. --Kake

Square brackets around links to external pages look ugly. Is there any chance of preventing them from being displayed? -- James

  • Not that I know of. I actually disagree in any case; it's a useful way of distinguishing between internal and external links, so I'd rather the convention was kept. --Dom
  • Couldn't that be done within the stylesheet? --James
  • Stylesheet sounds like the best plan. I'll look into it unless someone else does first. --Kake

I was wondering if the Clubs category should be renamed Nightclubs, or if it's unlikely that any other sort of club will appear. :) --Art

  • It's true that Clubs is potentially confusing as it could be used to mean University type clubs (ie societies). --Dom

James: My spelling is bad I know. Is it possible to add some sort of spell check? Even if it's just a list of mispelled words so I can go back and re-edit the entry?

  • Not my itch; patches welcome :) --Kake

Dom: Perhaps we need specific metadata entries for URLs to other guides/reviews?

  • Could do, yes — I mainly worry about making the edit form overcomplex and huge. But this is something the RDF people are interested in, so I'll probably add it. --Kake

James: How about offering the wanted pages ordered by the number of times they are wanted as well as by alphabetical ordering?

  • Oh, nice idea. That'll require a patch to CGI::Wiki, so I'll have a think about it. --Kake
  • Might also be nice to replicate Wanted Nodes as a special case in OpenGuides. --Dom
  • Replicate how? --Kake
  • I explained myself badly. What I mean is that Wanted Nodes should be a "special" page in OpenGuides, such that it is a place people can submit names of things they want to be added to the guide, and it would be automatically included in the Wanted Pages page, and automatically deleted from both pages when the node exists. In fact, it's probably not that important to even have a list of the pages people have "manually" requested; it would just be a case of having a special case for the "backlink". I hope that makes slightly more sense. --Dom

Information about businesses etc needs a "last checked" field. Otherwise people won't know how reliable it is - this will particularly be a problem for the opening hours and (less so) phone numbers, from experience with another system that records this kind of information. --Ganesh

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