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One of the smaller colleges of Oxford University — in fact it was the smallest until Mansfield College changed from a Permanent Private Hall into a college.

It's the only Oxford college without grass in its front quad; instead it has the Pelican Sundial, which has the hokey-cokey done around it every year during the JCR Christmas party. It has a rather nice little music room in a separate building tucked away to the back of the college, with a grand piano. It's bookable by college members for private functions.

Corpus doesn't offer all subjects, only those (with some rare exceptions) for which it has a Fellow who can tutor the subject.

The back lawn of Corpus looks over the gardens of Christ Church, and unlike Christ Church Corpus doesn't charge tour parties for admission; so the cheaper kinds of tourist guides will often bring people here to see Christ Church gardens for free.

Kake spent six years here and liked it very very much indeed.

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