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The Odyssey

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Creation Theatre Company and The Factory present Hamlet (5-24 March) and The Odyssey (29 March - 28 April) at Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford.


A Factory Production

Directed by Tim Carroll

5 – 24 March

The King is dead. What happens next will be different every night. The brainchild of director Tim Carroll, The Factory bring their flagship show to Oxford this spring. So far almost 15,000 audience members have helped create a one-night only, sometimes unexpected and always surprising, interpretation of Hamlet. Now it’s your turn. A rigorous exploration of Shakespeare’s verse combined with The Factory’s spirit of mischief and spontaneous play allow the company to delve into the endless possibilities within Shakespeare’s greatest work.

Every audience member is asked to bring a random object to be used as props during the performance. Everything is welcome, large or small, ordinary or bizarre.

The Odyssey

29 March – 28 April

A co-production between Creation and The Factory.

Directed by Tim Carroll

The story that changes every time it is told.

The myth of Odysseus’s epic journey was ancient when Homer committed it to writing. Almost three thousand years later the stories still echo through our narrative memory. They are tales of famous heroes and villains; Athena, Zeus and the Cyclops, and those you might not know yet; six-headed Scylla, the whirlpool Charybdis and the lethargic Lotus-Eaters.

The Factory turn their unique spirit of spontaneity, playfulness and imagination to Homer’s epic story this spring. Combining movement, song, text and improvisation, each performance will be an original retelling that recreates the spirit of one of the world’s oldest oral storytelling traditions.

Come along and play your part in a magical, unique happening.

Tickets £10 - £29 Box Office: 01865 766266 or book online at

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