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This is a snug little pub off the main shopping street in Summertown. It has a nice atmosphere, but that doesn't matter as it is the only pub in the area, which is a severe problem with north Oxford.

Fairly mixed clientele; there is a TV which was showing football on a Wednesday evening, but the bar area extended quite a long way down, and round a corner, so it was perfectly possible to avoid this.

Beer on offer was Tim Taylor's Landlord, kept very nicely, and available at £2.60/pint. Everard's Tiger was also available.

They seemed to serve the usual range of pub snacks, although we weren't eating.

In summary, a pleasant but not particularly characterful pub in the middle of Summertown shops.

In the past, people have commented that the staff were surly and beer average, but I think it's changed hands since this remark.

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