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  • 373340
  • Oxford Road, Kidlington
  • OX5 1EA

The pub formerly known as the Squire Bassett is now called the Dogwood.

The review of the Squire Bassett used to say: 'The "Big Yellow Pub" in Kidlington. One to avoid - there's not much choice of beer (other than Greene King IPA), and it all mings anyway.'

This was true in March 2006 but most certainly isn't now. As of early 2007 the pub has now been refurbished and repainted, so it's not yellow any more, and it has been renamed. The new owner has cleaned the place from top to bottom, in the places you can see and the places you can't. Service standards are high and the pub can boast a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The food is now of a high standard and the beer is clean. IPA is no more and there is Ruddles and Black Sheep as well as Hoegaarden and a good range of lagers.

The TV's have gone and you can now enjoy a good meal, good beer and good wine without fear of bumping into the sort of rubbish that used to haunt the place.

Check it out - you won't be disappointed.

OS X co-ord: 449573     OS Y co-ord: 213255     (Latitude: 51.815277 Longitude: -1.280776)
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