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<strong>How do I submit a problem report or suggestion for this site or the software?</strong>
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Who runs the guide?

The Oxford Guide is hosted by Oxford University Computer Society, run by Dom and is part of the OpenGuides network of community-edited city guides.

To contact the admins of the guide, e-mail

What is the licensing policy of the guide?

The guide is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence. Please see our Licensing Policy for full details.

How do I delete something from the guide?

Just leave a link to it in To Be Deleted, and if appropriate the admins will delete the node in due course. If it is an urgent matter then email the admins instead.


If you have a problem or suggestion specifically for the Oxford Guide you can have a look at the Oxford Guide tickets or submit a new ticket.

If you have a more general query, use The OpenGuides development system as appropriate

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