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summary='' summary='Bar in Jericho.' summary='' summary='Bar in Jericho.'

(Pete notes: It's actually called 'Frevd' - no 'u', no "'s". But everyone calls it "Freud's" ;-) )

(And David notes: the "v" is just a very old way of writing "u". It's "Freud".)

Stylish bar/café set in a 19th Century church.

September 2008 (Anonymous)

The food is beautiful - all freshly prepared from mostly local ingredients, with a great selection of nice pizzas and interesting daily specials. It's a casual venue, you can seat yourselves and the waitresses will come over to you - very relaxed and lovely.

May 2003 (Simon)

Does an okay coffee as long as you don't ask for anything too complicated. However that is offset by the very nice atmosphere.

The food is actually OK if you get there earlier in the evenings. Pizzas are about 4 to 5 pounds, with hand-made bases. The service is actually pretty terrible; it's difficult to get the waitresses' attention even when the place is nearly empty. There's live music of variable quality towards the end of the evening every so often, mainly salsa or jazz. There's almost always an art exhibition on.

Unfortunately, being the only really spacious and atmospheric place to meet, it's occasionally booked out, especially during term time in the Winter -- October-December.

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