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[[G And Ds (St Aldate's)]]
[[G and Ds (Cowley Road)]]
See also [[G And Ds (St Aldate's)]] and [[G and Ds (Cowley Road)]]
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George & Davis'

Located on Little Clarendon Street, an ice-cream parlour and coffee shop. It also serves a selection of bagels.

Davis was George's dog (unfortunately now deceased), now you know.

The best thing about G&Ds (Not counting Hoop Night or Cow Night. Or the wonderfully long hours. Among the best things about G&Ds...) is the petition flavour. Every week, you get to specify a flavour you want them to make. If enough people vote for your flavour, they make it. Sometimes this is wonderful, sometimes it's completely disgusting. This week it was honey and lavender. It tasted like eating a very creamy bar of soap. In a good way.

See also G And Ds (St Aldate's) and G and Ds (Cowley Road)

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