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Not to be confused with the Gardener's Arms (North Parade).

This is a lovely pub that is just as it should be. Its location makes one think you are in a small village rather than a town and there is no snobbery (inverse or otherwise) about the clientele - just a lovely mix of people. Inside the pub has two front rooms with a variety of table sizes and only a modest nod towards pub-tat. At the rear is a games room (pool table and darts as I remember), an extra couple of tables in the conservatory and a garden: currently closed so that grass seed has a chance to germinate.

One thing that makes this pub is the food; perhaps the headline would be that it is all vegetarian, but the real story here is that it is freshly cooked on the premises to a really high standard. Even this habitual carnivore stops noticing that it's all veggie and simply enjoys what is among the best pub food he knows.

Beer was good too, but I obviously drank too much of it cos I can only remember the Black Sheep which was on, but wasn't what I was drinking. Make sure you ask for the pint and a half glasses that they have hidden away...

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You order a plate of chips, ask for mayo, and they say that'll be extra. "Oh but it says it on the menu". Great.

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