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  • 24 5424
  • 72 6689
  • 29-31 George Street
  • OX1 2AY

An upscale fast-food outlet, on the site of former lebanese restaurant Tarbouche, offering an array of fusion-cuisine burgers. Take-away or dine-in service available (with waiting staff to seat you, but orders made and paid for at the front desk).

Decor is trendy and modern, but seems to have no thought lent to echo reduction, so beware at busier times. Staff are reasonably friendly, and service prompt (less than 15 minutes from entering to leaving) - this is helped along by the pay-in-advance mentality, which allows you to leave as soon as you're finished, rather than faffing about for a bill.

Burgers are all approx. 7 without any side-dish (e.g. no chips), soft drinks are the usual extortionate restaurant rates. Pretty much anything you want can be added as an extra, for un-listed cost. Total cost of a burger and a drink should come to under 10.

I tried a Pesterella burger, described on the menu as "100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch beef, fresh pesto, mozzarella, salad & relish". The burger more than lived up to expectation, with a large slab of slowly melting mozzarella;, fresh leafy green round lettuce, tomato and red onion for "salad"; and a vaguely pink "medium"-cooked burger.

The cost of a trip doesn't come to significantly more than KFC or Burger King, and even comes out as cheaper than some more fringe fast-food outlets such as Wimpey. The quality (and quantity, too) make this a fantastic choice if you're in the mood for a burger, and definitely win out over central Oxford's other high-end burger option Tootsies purely for the variety of burgers on offer. I'm eager to taste their take on the Venison burger, and Thai Chicken burger.

OS X co-ord: 451160     OS Y co-ord: 206360     (Latitude: 51.753139 Longitude: -1.258770)
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