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Holding page for information about gyms, as my research continues (does someone want to work out what kind of page this should be, etc?)

There are four gyms within walking distance of the city centre...

Oxford Brookes Centre for Sport - top of Headington Hill (website)

Oxford University Sports Complex - Iffley road (website)

Both of those are primarily for students, but offer some form of community membership...

The one at the Carfex end of the High Street, which has a negligible Google footprint, and changes name every couple of months or so. Was called something like 'Bourton Vale Fitness' as I went passed on the bus this morning

LA Fitness - St. Ebbes (website) - which (and get this) is located in the "Heart of Oxford's cultural quarter". Uh huh. Anyway, looks like this is the gym I'll be joining - more info if/when I do...

This page could do with being added to!

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