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This is the collaborative Oxford Guide, part of the [ OpenGuides] network
of community-edited city guides. Its aim is to be a complete guide to Oxford: pubs, clubs, restaurants, museums, outdoor entertainment, and more.

If you would like to help in the creation of this guide, then go right ahead! See [[How to get started]] for more information.

We have a general discussion list for the Oxford Guide. To subscribe, see [ the list information page]. You are encouraged to subscribe if you use the guide whether as reader or producer of content.


Here are some starting points:

<strong>Categories ([[Category Category|list all]])</strong>

[[Category Cinemas|Cinemas]]
| [[Category Coffee Shops|Coffee Shops]]
| [[Category Colleges|Colleges]]
| [[Category Cafés|Cafés]]
| [[Category Kebab Vans|Kebab Vans]]
| [[Category History|History]]
| [[Category Museums|Museums]]
| [[Category Pubs|Pubs]]
| [[Category Restaurants|Restaurants]]
| [[Category Shops|Shops]]
| [[Category Supermarkets|Supermarkets]]
| [[Category Theatres|Theatres]]
| [[Category The University|The University]]
| [[Category Wifi|Wifi]]
| [[Category Free Wifi|Free Wifi]]

<strong>Locales ([[Category Locales|list all]])</strong>

[[Locale Central|Central]]
| [[Locale North Central|North Central]]
| [[Locale South Central|South Central]]
| [[Locale East Central|East Central]]
| [[Locale West Central|West Central]]
| [[Locale Cowley Road|Cowley Road]]
| [[Locale Jericho|Jericho]]
| [[Locale Summertown|Summertown]]

[[Locale Covered Market|Covered Market]]

[[Locale Binsey|Binsey]]
| [[Locale Kidlington|Kidlington]]
| [[Locale Wolvercote|Wolvercote]]

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You can also [ create a new page].


<strong>Other resources</strong>

How to get here and away:
* [ GoEuro] Listing travel options to and from Oxford for train, bus and car

Here are some other guides to Oxford:
* [ Kake's Vegan Guide To Oxford]
* [, a collaborative events guide]
* [ Daily Information, lists many restaurants with menus among other things]
* [ The Carfax catalogue] - this excellent Oxfordshire pub guide is in many senses the father of the Oxford Guide.
* [ Oxford City Guide]- Comprehensive guide to Oxford, including information on hotels, restaurants, the University, sight seeing, music, theatre, cinema, literary figures, and more.
* [ The Oxford Map with Panoramas] - Interactive map of Oxford with 360 panoramic images of many historical places.

For more information about this site, please see the [[FAQ]].
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