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* Only include a map URL if it gives more information than the Streetmap one (e.g. a map provided by the establishment's web site); otherwise, just fill in the co-ordinates and the streetmap URL will automatically be generated when viewing the page. This has the advantage that if streetmap changes their URL scheme, or a different mapping site becomes preferred, we can update all the map links in one fell swoop.

Please keep to to the conventions below so that the guide indexes nicely and it's easy for people to find things.

First off, naming pages: "The" should be left off the beginning of names. If you want to link to a place starting with "The", make the link [ [ Whatsit | The Whatsit ] ]. If a thing has multiple branches, the correct format is "Acme (Broad Street)".


  • Category names should be plural; Restaurants, not "Restaurant".
  • Important categories are: Pubs, Restaurants, Colleges, Societies, Off Licences.



  • Oxford is implied, so should be left out.

Phone numbers

  • 01865 is implied, so should be left out.


  • Saint is abbreviated to St. with a full stop after it. This is to aid cross referencing between entries.


  • Inline images are permitted by the configuration; however, please do not include anything other than small icons except where absolutely necessary; it helps keep the page load size down and removes distractions from the content. By all means include links to photos.

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