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<b>Writing style</b>

The only comment I have at the moment is that whereever possible, additions to entries should where possible be integrated into the existing text, rather than added as a comment. Exceptions would be if there is an obviously differing opinions,
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Please keep to to the conventions below so that the guide indexes nicely and it's easy for people to find things.

First off, naming pages: "The" should be left off the beginning of names. If you want to link to a place starting with "The", make the link [ [ Whatsit | The Whatsit ] ]. If a thing has multiple branches, the correct format is "Acme (Broad Street)".


  • Category names should be plural; Restaurants, not "Restaurant".
  • Important categories are: Pubs, Restaurants, Colleges, Societies, Off Licences.



  • Oxford is implied, so should be left out.

Phone numbers

  • 01865 is implied, so should be left out.


  • Saint is abbreviated to St. with a full stop after it. This is to aid cross referencing between entries.


  • Inline images are permitted by the configuration; however, please do not include anything other than small icons except where absolutely necessary; it helps keep the page load size down and removes distractions from the content. By all means include links to photos.


  • Only include a map URL if it gives more information than the Streetmap one (e.g. a map provided by the establishment's web site); otherwise, just fill in the co-ordinates and the streetmap URL will automatically be generated when viewing the page. This has the advantage that if streetmap changes their URL scheme, or a different mapping site becomes preferred, we can update all the map links in one fell swoop.

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