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To Fix

Special Characters in page names

  • See above re Caffe Nero. Also searching for 'Caffe Nero' (no accents) goes straight to Blackwell's without even suggesting the page for Caffè Nero (with correct accent) on Gloucester Green or Caffé Nero (with incorrect accent) on High Street. We may have to omit accents from page names...
  • I can't edit the entry for Jericho Café because of the accent in the URL. Accents in URLs seem to work for some pages but not others & I don't understand why ARGH ENCODING ARGH. :-(

To delete?

Lots of stuff which I think is adequately covered by Wikipedia...

Some excessively subjective stuff:


  • 'Internet Access' v 'Internet Cafes' v 'Free Wifi' - subsets, supersets, orthogonal...?
  • 'Oriental Food' - remove?
  • Locale 'Central' - superset?
  • * Can anybody actually come up with an example of a 'Coffee shop' that isn't also a 'Café'? (ie do we need both categories?)

Notes to add

  • Broom Tree Café (Ark T Centre) open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm, Ark T Centre, Crowell Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 3LN Tel: 396 778

Useful stuff

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