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Having spent an unfortunate time as an "It's a Scream" pub (under the name The Jericho), this was refitted and had its old name restored in summer 2005. It is without doubt a great pub.

The atmosphere is modern and stylish, although it feels a little cavernous. They have a decent selection of interesting continental beers, both on tap and in bottles—pricey, though, at £3.80 for 0.5l of Franziskaner. Glass of orange juice £2, pint of Coke £2. As of April 2007, they have on tap 3 different fruit beers, 2 different wheat beers, 2-3 real ales, plus a few different lagers.

Also some really quite fantastically nice burgers around the £7.00 mark, plus a fair range of other nice food for the 6-10 quid range.

Of course, the old Jericho Tavern had a strong commitment to live music: Radiohead made their debut here in 1987, apparently, and it was here that Supergrass played the gig that ended up with them getting a record deal. The new incarnation hopes to continue this tradition, but I don't know how successful they've been as yet.

The sign outside currently says "free wifi" and it's true. You can often see a few people tapping away on laptops, especially at lunchtime or in the early evening. A much nicer place to work than some coffee shops who'll sting you for your access!

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