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Having spent an unfortunate time as an "It's a Scream" pub (under the name The Jericho), this was refitted and had its old name restored in summer 2005 pretty much at the same time as ex Brothers lead singer, Frank Pescod, took over the music venue. It is without doubt a great music venue but does need a lick or two of paint.

The atmosphere is modern and stylish, although it feels a little cavernous. They have a decent selection of interesting continental beers, both on tap and in bottles—pricey, though, at £3.80 for 0.5l of Franziskaner. Glass of orange juice £2, pint of Coke £2. As of April 2007, they have on tap 3 different fruit beers, 2 different wheat beers, 2-3 real ales, plus a few different lagers.

Also some really quite fantastically nice burgers around the £7.00 mark, plus a fair range of other nice food for the 6-10 quid range.

Not much good can be said about the service.

Of course, the old Jericho Tavern had a strong commitment to live music: Radiohead made their debut here in 1987, apparently, and it was here that Supergrass played the gig that ended up with them getting a record deal. The new incarnation hopes to continue this tradition and has successfully landed local Oxford band, Stornoway, onto a Glastonbury stage during the time period they were briefly managed by Frank Pescod.

The sign outside currently says "free wifi" but there hasn't been any wifi there for over a year.

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