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Owned by Clinton Pugh

This is a friendly place housed on the corner of Dawson Street and Cowley Road. It has a large conservatory at the front, as well as plenty of hidey-holes in the main space in which to chill out. Big Moroccan cushions line the low seating throughout the bar & restaurant; carpets on the walls give the place a cosy feel and huge lanterns from Marrakech hang from the high ceilings lighting up the back room.

The traditional way of experiencing Kazbar is an extended sunny weekend afternoon drinking copious amounts of sangria and periodically ordering tasty tapas. The food menu ranges from 2.50 to 4.50 per dish, including beef meatballs (albondigas), spicy lamb sausages with tzatziki (merguez), potatoes with chorizo, cous cous, falafel, tortilla, giant butter beans, manchego cheese and slices of jamon.

Staff are friendly and dress in hippy/Spanish clothes setting the mood for a relaxed, funky atmosphere.

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