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A popular student pub, this has had mixed reviews in the past, with accusations of a lack of character and disinterested staff. However, this reviewer likes it; it offers a nice hacker-space used regularly by Compsoc and OxLUG, and always has decent beer on (the regulars being Betty Stoggs and OP, London Pride and Palmer IPA seasonally). They do food at lunchtimes (11am to 3pm); it's standard pub fare of a perfectly adequate, albeit not particularly exciting, variety. Since St. John's College took the pub back in-house to manage they have stopped the occasional live music and no longer sell cigarettes. They also now do not take cards but have a cash machine. The nearest cash machine if you don't want to use this one (I never trust them not to charge), would be the one at the Royal Bank of Scotland over the road by Little Clarendon Street. The profits from the pub fund several scholarships, the Lamb & Flag Studentships.

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