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category='Locales' The covered market covers the area between [[Cornmarket]] and [[Locale Turl Street|Turl Street]], and [[Locale Market Street|Market Street]] and [[Locale High Street|High Street]]. The current layout of the market dates from the 18th Century although a market has existed in Oxford since at least the 12th Century. The covered market was created due to a desire to move stalls off the busy streets and into one central area.

It may seem unbelievable that this area once contained over a hundred stalls but originally the shops were much smaller with tiny fronts. Only a few shops remain in the market at the original size.

There are now around 60 shops in the market. There is a mix of food shops (butchers, grocers, delicatessens, etc), places to eat (cafes, sandwich shops, etc), and shops (clothing, shoes, florists, gifts, etc).

It is possible to enter the Covered Market from one of a number of entrances on the [[Locale High Street|High Street]], through [[Locale Golden Cross|Golden Cross]], and from a couple of entrances on [[Locale Market Street|Market Street]].

A list of the shops in the market (
@MAP_LINK [[Locale Covered Market|view them on a map]]):
@INDEX_LIST [[Locale Covered Market]]
address='High Street'
category='Cafes,Food,Gift Shops,Locales,Shops'
edit_type='Minor tidying'
hours_text='8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday; 10am - 4pm Sunday'
opening_hours_text='8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday; 10am - 4pm Sunday'
postcode='OX1 3DZ'
summary='The Covered Market in Oxford'
@INDEX_LINK [[Locale Covered Market]]
category='Locales' website=''

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