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The John Allen Centre (also known as Templars Retail Park) consists of a large car park surrounded on three sides by warehouse-style stores. The site was owned and managed by The Junction until 2008; it is now managed by Workman Retail - now managed by Savills - oops no - both Workman retail and Savills are denying any involvement with this centre.

Unless you are picking up heavy items, do not bring your car here at peak times. There is only one exit from the car park, and the traffic light sequence is not very sensible, so cars get stuck in the centre. Queues of 100 cars taking about 40 minutes are not uncommon on a Saturday, and don't try leaving at 4 on a Sunday. Better to park in the [Castle Car Park]? next to Templars Square or find a street with on-street parking like Rymers Lane right next to it or Cleveland Drive near the pedestrian back entrance.

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There is also a hot-dog stall in the car park, which is open at the weekends and some evenings.

OS X co-ord: 454119     OS Y co-ord: 204129     (Latitude: 51.733274 Longitude: -1.217722)
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