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Kidlington is a large town to the north of [[Locale Oxford|Oxford]] (actually, it is officially still a village; the second largest village in England). It serves mainly as housing for commuters, since it's situated close to the A34 and M40, and on the arterial [[Locale Banbury Road|Banbury Road]] into Oxford. Public transport is pretty good, with services into and out of Kidlington from Oxford on the number 2 ([[Oxford Bus Company]]) and 7 ([[Stagecoach Oxford]]) services, as well as some Bicester and Banbury-bound services. Just over the A34 bridge from Kidlington is [[Water Eaton Park and Ride]]. And of course, [[Oxford Airport]] is on the northern edge of Kidlington.
Despite this, Kidlington is a self-contained town with its own shopping and industry. The pedestrianised High Street has a good selection of shops, and there are more shopping opportunities along the main A-road through the town. There are large Tesco and Co-Op supermarkets on the High Street, and a huge [[Sainsburys (Kidlington)|Sainsburys]] at the end of the town near the A34. Kidlington is also full of car retail. There are garages on the A road, and a dedicated Motor Retail Park out near the airport, next to the industrial estate.

Kidlington is a strange mix of extremely expensive and posh houses, such as those along Mill Street, and nasty 70s housing estate hell. On the whole it's a pretty safe town, but you might want to avoid some of the rougher pubs on a Friday or Saturday night. It's a good place to live since it's fairly cheap and cheerful, but not too far from Oxford proper to cause problems.

If you are interested in freecycle groups then Kidlington & Woodstock also has its own [ Kidlington & Woodstock Freesharing].

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