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Kidlington also has its own [[]freecycling group].

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Kidlington is a large town to the north of Oxford (actually, it is officially still a village; the second largest village in England). It serves mainly as housing for commuters, since it's situated close to the A34 and M40, and on the arterial Banbury Road into Oxford. Public transport is pretty good, with services into and out of Kidlington from Oxford on the number 2 (Oxford Bus Company) and 7 (Stagecoach Oxford) services, as well as some Bicester and Banbury-bound services. Just over the A34 bridge from Kidlington is Water Eaton Park and Ride. And of course, Oxford Airport is on the northern edge of Kidlington.

Despite this, Kidlington is a self-contained town with its own shopping and industry. The pedestrianised High Street has a good selection of shops, and there are more shopping opportunities along the main A-road through the town. There are large Tesco and Co-Op supermarkets on the High Street, and a huge Sainsburys at the end of the town near the A34. Kidlington is also full of car retail. There are garages on the A road, and a dedicated Motor Retail Park out near the airport, next to the industrial estate.

Kidlington is a strange mix of extremely expensive and posh houses, such as those along Mill Street, and nasty 70s housing estate hell. On the whole it's a pretty safe town, but you might want to avoid some of the rougher pubs on a Friday or Saturday night. It's a good place to live since it's fairly cheap and cheerful, but not too far from Oxford proper to cause problems.

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