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At lunchtime, you can eat two courses from a set menu for 5.50. "Set" is something of a misnomer: there are upwards of ten choices (with a couple of specials) for the main, which are mostly pasta-based but tasty nonetheless. The salad which appeared with the main course consisted of a tomato and some dry lettuce, which was not the best, but the freshly baked rolls were fantastic, as was the lobster soup of the day and the Matriciana. Excellent lunch, for a small number of British pounds.
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July 2007

This is a fantastic Italian restaurant, not some twee pasta bar.

On entering you will be presented with a comprehensive menu, but the proprietor will also tell you about the daily specials that are available. The specials usually sound so good that you want to order them all! Typically these include sardines, prawns, pastas, sea fish or veal.

The bread rolls that are brought to the table are freshly made and delicious.

There is a good selection of pasta, fish meat and poultry on the menu, and you will be offered 'a selection of fresh vegetables' to accompany your main course.

Make sure you leave room for dessert - the strawberry cheesecake is glorious and the tiramisu is to die for.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff provide excellent service. I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough.

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