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This is a take-away and eat in establishment serving fish, pies, sausages, proper English chips, kebabs and a small selection of Chinese meals. Fairly average pricing.

When living at Folly Bridge (several years ago now), we were roughly equidistant from this and Carfax Chippy. In all honesty, we didn't think either was great (but then, great fish & chips exists only on the coast), but this one definitely had the edge.

Update, 31-May-12: Portions generous, best quality this side of Oxford, a REALLY wide selection of food (including kebabs, curries and battered Mars bars - which turn out to be surprisingly delicious). The reason for me adding this note though is that I left my bag outside the shop, containing car keys, credit cards and cash. They kept it for me, and when I returned everything including the cash was untouched. And they refused to accept a reward! Good guys all round!

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