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Booked for 1pm but made good time from London and arrived at 12.15. When I tried to place my order the manager, with perfect Basil Fawlty logic, informed me that I couldn't order till 1 despite the kitchen being open from 12! As it was a sunny afternoon and the garden pleasant, my wife and I decided to stay. At 12.55 the manager passed and I reminded him that I was still waiting to order, he told me he'd be right with me.The order was finally taken at 1.10, after I'd sought out another waiter. Food arrived at 1.35, an hour and twenty minutes after our arrival........ It was edible.
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Dom says: Nice conversion of an old pub building to a smart yet still characterful restaurant/bar. Prices are 6-7 pounds starter, 9-13 pounds main course, 6 pounds dessert. There is a reasonable selection of wine by the glass (not to mention a couple of draft ales)

The food was good; nothing particularly special for the price but worth going.

Edd says: Lunch here was excellent, with a good range of food on offer from Thai curries, steaks, and pastas to the traditional bangers and mash. Several members of the party hoped to make it a regular visit despite living some distance from Oxford purely on account of the quality of the food. The service was also of a high standard and very friendly.

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